Onboard weighing system

W8 in your pocket

The new weighing system on board, easy to install, easy to use

  • To always know the weight you have loaded on board wherever you are,
  • To always load to the maximum,
  • To avoid fines and save your driving license!
  • Check the weight of your vehicle directly on your smartphone,
  • It is accurate and reliable thanks to a patented system,
  • It is completely wireless,
  • Install it yourself!
  • You just need a smartphone: you can check the weight of your vehicle directly on the screen of your Android phone and iOS (Apple),
  • It is universal: with W8 you can weigh the articulated lorries (tractor + semi-trailer) with pneumatic suspension and the "full pneumatic" tractors,
  • It is in real time: the sensors read the pressure of the air springs and the application immediately calculates and displays the weight on your phone.
  • It weighs and displays the payload in kilograms, tons and pounds without making calculations and getting off the cab,
  • W8 reads the pressure of all the springs simultaneously, filters the values and immediately displays the precise weight without the need for calculation.
  • To find out how many sensors you need for your on-board weighing system, just check how many leveling valves are mounted on the vehicle and consider a sensor for each valve,
  • It is wireless and easy to install: just follow the instructions attached to the product and the videos available in the website.
  • It costs less than a couple of fines!
  • Go to the configurator to calculate exactly the cost of the weighing system suitable for you.