Onboard weighing system


A new idea with deep roots

The W8 system, designed, assembled and patented by the newly established BASICO company, is based on the experience of the 3 promoters, developed in over twenty years in the industrial weighing systems sector.

The basic idea arises from the need of the local plublic transport companies to monitor the flow of passengers on the busses of some Italian cities, to optimize the logistics management of the vehicles and improve the service.

In the '90s, the company Electronsystem developed its own weighing system based on the detection of pressure of the pneumatic suspensions to provide the counting of people on board, based on an average statistical weight. Installations are made in the cities of Rome, Turin and Catania.

app iphone pesatura a bordo

The new generation «On Board Scale»

Over time the system evolved and in the early 2000s it was extended to transport vehicles (rigid trucks, trailers and articulated lorries) as «Scale on Board», to provide the exact value of the transported weight directly in the cab, at all times and place without the need for weighbridges.

In recent years, the massive diffusion of smartphones (mobile phones), which have become essential work tools, has provided a further evolutionary boost and the on board weighing has entered the pockets of each of us. Thanks to the W8 system it is now possible to read the weight directly on the screen of the mobile phone, without wires and without constraints, at a low cost and without the need for complicated installation operations.

The tree with deep roots has produced a new fruit: W8, the universal on board weighing system!